Een reactie op het verhaal "Een militair ingrijpen op het strand"

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door Fred Triep

Op woensdag 13 augustus 1997 ontving ik van Martin Gutjahr een reactie op mijn verhaal. Omdat dit verhaal een andere kijk geeft op het incident, geef ik het hieronder weer. De borden, waarop staat dat het verboden is te kamperen in de buurt van de ruines, hebben wij helaas niet gezien.

Ik heb door zijn aanvulling op het verhaal meer begrip gekregen voor de reacties van de Turkse autoriteiten op het kamperen door toeristen op het strand, maar niet voor het militaire ingrijpen.

Organization: Lets Travel Reisebuero
Subject: comment to your Cirali storie
From: (Martin Gutjahr)

Martin Gutjahr

Lets Travel

I have read your article about your experiences in Cirali and would like to comment the following as I am although a part-time resident of that village for many years:

It is and was strictly prohibited to camp on the beach of Cirali-Olympos as it is a National Park and protected area. When you entered the beach area from the Olympos site there where always signs that mentioned that camping and open fires are not allowed,even though those signs were not in very good shape for a long time but they were always visible.

Just recently all those signs have been replaced by much bigger information signs and road block-offs explaining why it is not allowed to camp in the area. The whole area is although a turtle (Caretta caretta), breading area which hopefully explains the rest to you. We get very upset and angry if we see people camping on the beach or making fires and have established together with the military a regular patrol to prevent misusing the beach and disturbing the turtles.

Although most Restaurants wich used to be closed to the beach have been demolished and had to move approx.150 m to the back of the beach esspecially around the village of Cirali.

The military patrols on the beach are sometimes a bit rude towards the tourists but you don't believe how many people misuses the beach for camping and especially making open fires. There are enough Pensions in CIRALI and OLYMPOS wich although allow camping on there properties for a nominal charge,so that it is absolutly not nessessary to camp outside designated areas.

You probably should mention this in your article as well,but if not we would, not mind as it would not destroy this beautiful area so fast.

For your next stay in CIRALI try:

KARAKUS PANSIYON Tel.(242)-825-7061


CIRALI PANSIYON Opposite Karakus

I hope you still like Turkey and will come again, kind regards

Martin Gutjahr


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