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This is the starting point for information about Long Distance Paths (LAW's) I hiked in the Netherlands.

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I prefer hiking in the mountains, but I also like hiking in the Netherlands. I make dayhikes or i hike one or more days on a long distance footpath.
Of a large number of Long Distance Footpaths (LAW's) I hiked some parts, among others the Pieterpath, the Zuiderzeepath, the Texelpath, the Drenthepath, the Gelrepath, the Overijsselpath, the Graaf Florispath, the Visserpath en the Noaberpath.
I give some information about a few footpaths:

Long distance footpaths
  • The Pieter path
  • Bed & Breakfasts along the Pieterpath,
    the list of "Ome Piet" ("Uncle Piet")
  • The Zuiderzee path
  • The Trekvogel path
    (formerly the "Waterlandpad", "Heuvelrugpad" and the "Gelrepad")
  • The Noaber path (around the border of the Netherlands and Germany)
  • Bed & Breakfast along the Noaberpath (my own list)
  • The Grensland path (around the border of the Netherlands and Belgium)
  • Bed & Breakfast along the Grenslandpath (my own list)
  • The Pelgrimspath
  • The Dutch Coast path, part 1
    (formerly the Deltapath)
  • The Dutch Coast Path, part 2
  • The Dutch Coast path, part 3
    (formerly the Friese Kust path and Wad en Wierdenpath)
  • The Friesewoouden path
    (formerly the Zevenwouden path)
  • Region Paths

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